Communities Leading Together

What is the Communities Leading Together Leadership Training?

Communities Leading Together (CLT) is an intensive one-day shared leadership training for parent/professional teams to attend together. The training will provide participants with hands-on tools and experiences to assist them in developing stronger parent/professional collaborations.

Learning modules include:

  • A New Definition of Leadership
  • Characteristics of Effective Leaders
  • Leading Together as Partners
  • Health Equity and Inclusion
  • Leading Communities Together

Who can attend the Training?

Participation requires the attendance of a two-person team comprised of a Community/Parent Leader and a Professional Practitioner, who meet the following criteria:

Professional Practitioner

  • Demonstrated commitment to parent engagement
  • Understanding of family engagement principles
  • Must be employed as a staff person of the agency they are representing

Community/Parent Leader

  • Demonstrated interest in becoming involved in shared leadership activities
  • Familiarity with the organization or agency they are representing
  • Cannot be paid staff of the agency they are representing

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What is the cost to attend?

There is no cost to attend. Parent participants will receive a stipend of $100 to cover their time, childcare and mileage costs.

When are trainings offered?

Trainings are typically offered in the spring and summer months each year. Open trainings will be listed here

How long is the training?

8:30am – 4:00pm

Is childcare available?

No child care available however up to $50 per day childcare reimbursement is provided.